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CIF complies in breeding more dairy goats locally and the will to lessen the importation through the use of modern tools and technologies. The farm advocacy is to support Filipino farmers to produce a good crop and healthy animals enough to feed the community.

Meet the Family

Engr. Jojo Calaranan and Mrs. Victoria Calaranan together with their son and daughter.

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The Farm

The farm is located in Sta. Maria Pangasinan. Inspired by Farmcradle owner Ms. Sandy Santos, Calaranan Integrated Farm was established by couple Jojo Calaranan and Maria Victoria (Vicky) Calaranan in 2018.  

Our Mission

To embrace the advocacy of Mr. Dexter Villamin, the founder of DV Boer Farms – to provide complete profitable services to farmers, get communities involved in the process and access ready available resources. To help the farmers  in nurturing our natural resources – agriculture, and give them healthier, better living.

Our Vision

To be one of the best producer of quality and affordable dairy goats and other livestock in the Philippines.

Engr. Jojo Calaranan, the CEO/President of Calaranan Integrated Farm has been working in the Middle
East for several years now and he shares the story many OFWs know dearly — long and unfair hours at
work, the unavoidable discrimination, and a strong longing to come home. Sir Jojo found out about
Farmcradle thru common friends and recommendations and became one of our first Paiwi Partners of
2016. Because of the good experience and performance of his investment in the last two years He made
A huge decision to invest and open his own farm here in his homeland. Sir Jojo has always had a strong
advocacy for Financial Literacy, in fact, he is the Chapter President of The Filipino Global Investors in
Saudi Arabia. His decision to invest specifically in agriculture, is a fulfilment of his vision to help more
Filipinos and support the growth of our provinces. He and his wife, Maria Victoria Yuson-Calaranan, will
spearhead the operations of their new farm.

More people like Sir Jojo – professionals, in the corporate world – are seeing that there are big
opportunities in a sector that was previously unnoticed or unattractive to investors. But now, not only
are we growing in terms of size, we are also able to use the knowledge and skills of professionals and
apply them to the traditional systems of farming. Overall that is a “win” for us all.

Jojo Calaranan

Farm owner

The Farm

our Paiwi program

Choose the Right Program for You



36 months

Package cost: Php 160,000.00
No. Of heads: 15 heads Upgraded Goats

Payment Terms:
First Payment: Php 160,000.00 (Upon Signing of Contract)


paiwi PAYOUT

1st Payout: ₱22,500.00 (After 12 Months)
2nd Payout:₱45,000.00 (After 20 Months)
3rd Payout:₱45,000.00 (After 28 Months)
4th Payout:₱45,000.00 (After 36 Months)
Salvage Value: ₱75,000.00 (After 38th Month End of the Contract)

Frequently Asked Questions

Paiwi is a Filipino term for “paalaga” or “to be taken care of” in English.

The Paiwi Program works when a potential paiwi partner  (client) avails of a Paiwi package  worth PHP 160,000.00 for 15 heads of female goats (does) from Calaranan Integrated Farm (CIF) who will do all the farming which covers housing, breeding, managing, and selling the goats. If the goat dies or get stolen, they will be replaced as part of the farm’s responsibility to  deliver your profits on time as stated in the contract.

On the 12th month from the start of contract, your 15 heads of does have already given birth to 15 baby goats (kids). We’ll buy each kid for PHP 1,500.00 each or PHP 22,500.00 in total for your first payout. The next 8 months will be another period of conception for your 15 does which normally give multiple births after their first conception. This time we expect 30 kids which we will pay for PHP 45,000.00 for your 2nd payout. The same thing happens for your 3rd and 4th payouts as summarized below:

1st payout (12th month): 15 kids x PHP 1,500.00      PHP 22,500.00
2nd payout (20th month): 30 kids x  PHP 1,500.00    PHP 45,000.00
3rd payout (28th month): 30 kids x PHP 1,500.00     PHP 45,000.00
4th payout (36th month): 30 kids x PHP 1,500.00     PHP 45,000.00

            Total:                                                                           PHP 157,500.00

Salvage Value: PHP 75,000.00 (after 38th month – end of the contract)

  • There is an eight month interval for every payout after the 12 month.

We will ask for your Bank Account and we will deposit your Pay Out directly on your Bank Account.

After 36 months, the contract ends. You have to get a new package.

Definitely yes. In fact, we highly recommend that you visit us at the farm to see how your livestock are taken care of. But please do inform us before your visit so that we can prepare something for you.

YES, you can have more than one slot or package in one month, or if you wish to get another package while your contract with your 1st package is ongoing, you still can have another package.

  • The Dairy Paiwi is contract bound.
  • The goats are insured through an in-house insurance.
  • We are proven system of modern breeding.
  • The farmers are trained continuously.
  • The local does are cross-bred with 100% imported goats (Lamancha, Alpine, Saanen) – a superior goat breeds for dairy.

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