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CIF complies in breeding more dairy goats locally and the will to lessen the importation through the use of modern tools and technologies. The farm advocacy is to support Filipino farmers to produce a good crop and healthy animals enough to feed the community.

Meet the Family

Engr. Jojo Calaranan and Mrs. Victoria Calaranan together with their son and daughter.

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The Farm

The farm is located in Sta. Maria Pangasinan. Inspired by Farmcradle owner Ms. Sandy Santos, Calaranan Integrated Farm was established by couple Jojo Calaranan and Maria Victoria (Vicky) Calaranan in 2018.  

Our Mission

To embrace the advocacy of Mr. Dexter Villamin, the founder of DV Boer Farms – to provide complete profitable services to farmers, get communities involved in the process and access ready available resources. To help the farmers  in nurturing our natural resources – agriculture, and give them healthier, better living.

Our Vision

To be one of the best producer of quality and affordable dairy goats and other livestock in the Philippines.

Engr. Jojo Calaranan, the CEO/President of Calaranan Integrated Farm Corp. has been working in the Middle
East for several years as an OFW.

Jojo found out about
Farmcradle thru common friends and recommendations to become one of  the partners. Because of  good experience and performance of the partnership  he made
 a decision to open his own farm, and became a subfarm of Farmcradle International Inc. Jojo has always had a strong
advocacy for Financial Literacy, in fact, he is the Chapter President of The Filipino Global Investors in
Saudi Arabia. His decision to invest specifically in agriculture, is a fulfillment of his vision to help more
Filipinos and support the growth of our provinces. He and his wife, Maria Victoria Yuson-Calaranan, will
spearhead the operations of their new farm.

More people like Jojo – professionals, in the corporate world – are seeing that there are big
opportunities in a sector that was previously unnoticed or unattractive to investors. But now, not only
are we growing in terms of size, we are also able to use the knowledge and skills of professionals and
apply them to the traditional systems of farming. Overall that is a “win” for us all.

The Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

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